Summer magnetic anti-mosquito Velcro curtain
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Summer magnetic anti-mosquito Velcro curtain

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Anti Mosquito Curtain Magnetic Tulle Curtains Automatic Closing Door Screen Kitchen Curtains Various Sizes


WHY should you choose the MYCARBON Magnetic Screen Door?

26pcs Magnets

MYCARBON magnetic door screen, using6 pairs of Magnetic Strips and 7 pairs of magnet pieces, makes the screen door net curtain close faster and quieter when you pass through.

26pcs magnets

Tiny Mesh

MYCARBON fly-screen balcony doors have tightly and gently sewn mosquito net, which locks out even the smallest insects as well as possible.

Tiny mesh keeps away insects

Remains Stable

The supplied adhesive tape of the magnetic fly screen with strong adhesive strength ensures the fixation of the insect screen, holds the whole mosquito net firmly and stable on the door - easy adhesive assembly without drilling.

Remains stable

Free Your Hands

When passing through, the door curtain can be easily opened, and then it will automatically close from top to bottom quickly. Let your babies and pets pass through easily.

Free your hands

Please carefully measure the inside width (L1), outside width (L2) and inside height (H), then choose the most suitable size according to the table above.

Note: If the fly screen is longer than the door height, we recommend that you roll up the bottom of the fly screen. Don't leave too much fly screen hanging on the floor. It affects the functioning of the magnets.

How to install the curtain?

~ Clean the door frame with a damp cloth and wait 2 hours for it to dry completely.

~ Lay your curtain flat on the floor and apply the tape piece by piece to the curtain.

~ Now remove the tape from the top of the curtain and carefully stick the door curtain onto the door frame from top to bottom.

~ Make sure that the center of the fly screen is slightly higher than the left and right sides.

~ To do this, remove the tape on both sides of the curtain and stick the curtain on both sides of the door frame.

~ Now press the tape again firmly so that the curtain is properly attached.