Shirt Organizer T Shirt Folder Board Set ( Include 5pcs )
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Shirt Organizer T Shirt Folder Board Set ( Include 5pcs )

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1. Neat and orderly, not messy, refreshing display, neat and orderly to make life more orderly.

2. It is easy to find, tidy and not messy, so it is more convenient to find clothes.

3. With handles, it is easy to take; the small lift cover design at the bottom makes it easy to take the clothes needed and save the space of the wardrobe.

4. Both ends of the support leg design, can be superimposed, more space-saving, thick and durable.

5. The edge handle is designed to facilitate the extraction of clothes; the pattern design of wheat ears at the bottom ensures the ventilation of clothes.

6. New PP material, refuse to recycle, good toughness, high temperature resistance; simple integrated design, fast storage, easy extraction and placement; convenient handle design, easy to extract and move, turn over clothes not messy, return your clean and orderly home; classification storage is easier to find, long sleeve trousers, sweaters, etc. can be easily stacked.



Material: PP plastic
Size : large (11.4 X 14.7inch ) and small (12.9 X 10inch )


Package Included:

1Set X Folding board ( contains 5pcs )