Fur Buster Pet Hair Remover Roller
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Fur Buster Pet Hair Remover Roller

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Is Your Pet Shedding Everywhere?

Tired of vacuuming and using lint rollers that don't work?

Then you need the Fur BusterTM Pet Hair Remover Roller – The smarter way to remove pet hair off your furniture!

✔️ Works on all types of dog & cat hair!

✔️ Stop wasting money on disposable lint rollers!

✔️ Fur Buster™ is 100% reusable and eco-friendly!

It doesn’t matter if you’re using it on your bed sheet, carpet, couches, sofa, car seat or clothes. The Fur BusterTM effortlessly removes pet hair from all kinds of furniture!

Watch it in action below:

HOW IT WORKSSimply roll the Fur BusterTM back and forth a couple of times over your furniture and it'll pick up every strand of hair - even the ones not visible to your eyes!

The collected pet hair will be deposited in the back compartment for easy removal.

The works on pet hair of all length, regardless it’s long or short, thick or thin.

Not only is it 100% reusable and eco-friendly, it's also extremely easy to clean!