Fake Translucent Warm Fleece Pantyhose
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Fake Translucent Warm Fleece Pantyhose

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Our pantyhose look like real transparent pantyhose! But in reality, they are tights that slim the legs and keep them warm.



Thanks to its wool coat, it will keep your legs warm down to -15°, perfect for this winter!

It fits perfectly into any outfit: perfect with dresses, skirts, long jumpers, heels, and more!


This elasticity allows you to have total freedom of movement, without any restrictions.

In addition, it adapts perfectly to their morphology. It will give you well-formed legs, rounded buttocks, and a flat stomach.

Despite its heated fabric, it does not create any sensation of heaviness or excess thickness.

Don't worry, your legs won't look fatter than normal, on the contrary, our tights have a slimming effect.



With our new and innovative fabric, the meshes look translucent and thin on the outside but are lined with warm fleece on the inside.

The fabric does not twist, tear, or get damaged!

Use in the office, school, on informal occasions, or at fancy events.


  • Super Warm & Sexy
    The super-soft inner fleece provides just the right warmth during the winter season. You will look well-dressed and elegant in these Fake Translucent Pantyhose!

  • Lightweight & High Stretch
    The inner side made of thick Coral Fleece, extra-warm, and extra weightless. The high stretch allows you to move without restrictions!

  • Slims and Shapes Your Body.
    This also effectively firms your legs and flattens your stomach for a slimmer appearance.

  • More Than Fashion
    Are you concern about your leg health? Wearing our pantyhose could help prevents swelling around your legs! The pantyhose can squeeze your leg muscles and improve circulation.

  • Easy to Match & Care
    Easy to match your look with any jacket or shoes. Provide an attractive look and keep your legs warm and cozy even on the coldest winter days!



  • Free Size: It is highly stretchy and ideal for all women of all sizes.
  • Material: Nylon & fleece
  • Color: Black / Grey/Brown

  • Style: Refer to the image below

  • 3 Levels:
    • Regular: 25°C TO 10°C / 77°F TO 50°F
    • Warm Fleece: 10°C TO 0°C / 50°F TO 32°F
    • Double Fleece: 10°C TO -15°C / 50°F TO 5°F