Dragon’s Breath Immortal Lighter
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Dragon’s Breath Immortal Lighter

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  • Limited edition Dragon's Breath series.
  • The most versatile and indestructible lighter.
  • Rugged & reliable through rain, wind, and snow.
  • Please Note: Shipping flammable liquids is illegal, so these lighters are empty. But our Immortal lighter works with almost anything - lighter fluid (naptha), kerosene, ethanol, and even gasoline!

Indestructible and versatile

Our Immortal Lighter is 3x more powerful than normal lighters and it even works after being submerged in water.
The masterfully crafted leather is embossed directly onto the holster, making it rugged and almost indestructible.
The last lighter you will ever need.

Warning and Disclaimer

Take caution when handling this lighter.
The fire created cannot be put out by shaking the rod or blowing on it.
It can only be put out by placing the rod back into the holster.