Anti Cat Scratch Stick On Shield 2pcs
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Anti Cat Scratch Stick On Shield 2pcs

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Stop Your Cats From Damaging Your Furniture!

Cats get to stretch out their bodies and extend and retract their nails. When they scratch, the movements help remove the outer nail sheaths. Cats also scratch to leave visual and olfactory (scent) markers. 

Protect your Sofa from Scratch!

The solution? Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield will definitely suit cat lovers, and leaves you with a 100% scratch-proof furniture!

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Our Anti-Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield can repel cats and help you train your pets to develop the habit of not scratching your precious furniture. Once your cats have gotten the idea that it is unpleasant and unattractive to scratch this surface, you can easily remove this transparent tape.


  • Heavy-duty: Adhesive will adhere strongly to most surfaces such as suede, leather, stained wood, without degrading or drying out. (Important: test out a short strip of the tape to a small corner of the furniture to verify the adhesive's compatibility.)
  • Invisible Protection: Provides a clever and fairly inconspicuous way to protect your furniture from pets’ scratching without sacrificing its original aesthetic.

Anti-Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield

  • Versatile: Easily peel off without fear of any messy residues or damaging the furniture pieces.
  • Non-Toxic 100% Pet Safe: Anti Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and will not irritate your pets.


  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: 28x44cm


  • 1 x Anti-Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield (2 Pcs set)

Anti-Cat Scratch Stick-On Shield