3 in 1 HD Phone-to-TV Cable
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3 in 1 HD Phone-to-TV Cable

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  • No need for Wifi, hotspot, and any setting. You just need to wait about 5 seconds, it will mirror your Mobile phone/iPad to HDMI-equipped devices automatically (TV, PC, projector, car).
  • Get to see whatever's on your phone screen right on your own TV - in HD! Whether it's mobile gaming, movie streaming, or whatnot, get to watch it on your phone with this high-speed HDMI Cable that lets you sync whatever's on your Mobile phone screens on your TV.

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This cable boasts of a plug and plays feature, as it comes with USB and HDMI plugs that allow you to connect your phone to your television, plus it also comes with a USB cable that lets you charge your phone while it's connected with the TV! 


It's one awesome way to:

  • Stream and binge-watch videos and movies from your phone
  • Play mobile games in high quality
  • Connect your phone to the TV for work or school presentations or events
  • No need for the hassle and time-consuming installation!, Watch on your TV in 1080p Full HD!

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Lightning Cable Plug: for high-speed transmission 
HDMI 1080P Plug:for Television output connection
USB Charger: for fast charging while connected with the TV